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Corkage Waived…because: scallops

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Dinner was fantastic.  I’m not going to say where, because I love the place and want to be allowed back there, but this thing happened.  I brought in this mofo:


…and it was mind blowing. Needed a bit of time in the decanter to open up, but was classic Coche Meursault with its many layers of incomprehensible ethereal complexity that present the Chardonnay grape like no other producer can — like it’s from another planet — and ’09 is an intense vintage too. Plus it wasn’t corked or premox’d, so…bonus.

Only two of us were drinking, and we were feeling generous, so we sent a glass to the kitchen (we’re huge fans of the chef, so we probably would have shared a bit, regardless).  Shortly after ordering our mains, our waiter came back to revise our order with the apology that they had just run out of scallops.  Upon receiving our bill, we were informed that corkage had been waived on account of the scallop situation.  Nice of them.  I don’t know offhand what their corkage is, but I’m fairly certain the glass I sent to the kitchen was worth upwards of 10 plates of scallops…


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